Did You Know?... Geosynthetics Represent a Model of the Responsible Use of Plastics

2023/01/21 | Did You Know?

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The use of geosynthetics enables the substitution or dramatic reduction of the need for aggregates, making it possible at the same time to offer increased longevity to the related construction works.

This in turn allows a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions during the construction process, better wear and seismic resilience and landscape preservation because of a reduced need for excavations, and many other reduced environmental impacts due to the significant reduction of construction traffic.

On top of all these environmental benefits, geosynthetics offer durability of our geotechnical works with a service life which is virtually as long as the physical life of the materials.

Download a copy of this latest DYK! [DYK_IGS_Plastics_December2022.pdf (geosyntheticssociety.org)]

Did You Know… Geosynthetics Represent A Model For The Responsible Use Of Plastics? – IGS (geosyntheticssociety.org)

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