IGS UK / YGG Lecture: Sustainable development: A UK perspective on the role of geosynthetics – Russell Jones

November 7 2023

IGS UK BGA Invitational Lecture: Innovation, progress and geosynthetics on HS2 – Nick Sartain

October 10 2023

IGS UK / ICE NWGG Lecture – Resilience to coastal erosion using geotextiles

April 4 2023

IGS UK Lecture: Fibre Optic Sensing: A Distributed Monitoring Technology for Earthworks

January 10 2023

IGS UK Lecture: Developing the next Generation of Geosynthetic Design Standards

September 13 2022

IGS UK / ICE NW Panel Discussion: Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development

May 17 2022

IGS Lecture: Innovative Slope Stabilisation Design incorporating Ground Anchors

March 22 2022

IGS UK Lecture: Ethics in Engineering

December 1 2021

IGS UK BGA Invitational Lecture: Managing legal risk – A geotechnical and geosynthetic perspective

October 12 2021

IGS UK Lecture: Application areas of permeable geotextile contaminant barriers

November 9 2021

IGS UK Lecture: Design of drainage geocomposite for long term applications

September 14 2021

IGS UK Lecture: Soil Erosion Control and Soil Conservation Using Geosynthetics

June 24 2021

IGS UK Lecture: Gas Resistant Membranes – Where Civil Engineering Meets Construction

May 18 2021

IGS UK Lecture: Comparative LCA of Geosynthetics versus Conventional Construction Materials

April 22 2021

IGS UK / BGA Invitational Lecture: Geosynthetics in Hong Kong landfills – John Cowland

March 9 2021

IGS UK / YGG Lecture: The many faces of reinforced soil structures – Dave Woods,

November 17 2020

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